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Mediva Sequences

Sequentiae Hildegardenses

Collaboration with Ann Allen and mediaeval ensemble Mediva

An Interview with composer Hugh Collins Rice about SEQUENCES
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an interview with the composer - Project Odradek

"It’s Hugh Collins Rice who really underlines his predecessor’s uncompromising reach by bravely and successfully picking up on her aesthetic at full-throttle. His vocal music is deeply expressive, while his idea of pre-counterpoint counterpoint taps something deeply, naturally human. [The] possibilities of medieval instruments seem to propel him to something evocative but trendless. [You] don’t always know whether its Collins Rice you’re listening to or Hildegard; each sounds as contemporary as the other."

"...startling with refreshingly tart, spiny, intense, colourful, challenging, demanding, busy yet transparent textures ... played and sung with much beauty and impressive commitment in a voyage of discovery for composer, performers and listeners alike.”
Rebecca Tavener | CHOIR & ORGAN

"Hildegard’s songs were originally performed for the love of prayer, and Collins Rice’s contemporary music reflects these strands in her writings. The resulting music is like a mystery, searching for the heart of a saint in the 12th century. This music would be either the answer or the question from musicians of the 21st century in search of insight into the mysterious experience of the saints in the Medieval period."
Osamu Horiuchi | RECORD GEIJUTSU


Hugh Collins Rice
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